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Sandra De San Jose

The yogini: Sandra De San Jose

The pose:Vitruvian man

The location: El Retiro Park, Madrid

The benefits: The fun factor in aerial or anti-gravity yoga helps to melt away all your tension, but it’s also incredibly restorative. It is known to be particularly beneficial for those with back problems as this form of yoga strengthens your spine. When you move in and out of the Vitruvian Man posture you go through an inversion – meaning your spine enjoys a decompression. This posture also gives your legs a deep tissue massage and it is also a great hip opener and gives your the hamstrings a good stretch. This pose requires you to trust that the hammock will keep you in the air and this in turn encourages self-belief and a sense of fearlessness.

About the yogini:

*When did your yoga journey begin?
It began a few years ago when I was living in Australia. At first I loved the physical side of it but now I embrace yoga as a philosophy of life and I live yoga instead of simply doing yoga.

*What kind of yoga do you teach?
After gaining an aerial module in Chiang Mai and doing a multi-style yoga course (Ashtanga/Vinyasa/Hatha) in India I started teaching Antigravity Yoga a year ago.

*How has yoga transformed your life?
Yoga has completely changed my whole outlook on life. For the first time, I started listening to my soul. I’m much more aware of what’s happening in my body and mind. I don’t worry and I don’t stress so much anymore. If something upsets me, I know that it will be alright sooner or later. I’m no longer living an unconscious lifestyle and my happiness no longer depends upon what is happening around me. These days, I surrender to the Universe.

*Besides yoga, what are your passions in life?
Travelling and learning as much as I can as I go through life. I love ice-skating and exploring nature.

*What’s your go-to snack?
Nuts, I always carry e a container with mixed nuts and dried fruits in. Dates are my favourite at the moment.

*If you were marooned on an island, what three things would you like with you?
Tiger balm, my water bottle and a knife.

*How are you spending the summer?
In my home town in Spain, on my mum’s farm-like house – we have cats, chickens, ducks and a pig! You never get bored here!

*What’s your mantra in life?

*What are your future dreams?
It’s funny because for the longest time two of my dreams were to travel in South America and do acroyoga teacher training. Finally, the universe is conspiring for me to go to Mexico to do the acroyoga teacher training this October. Everything happens at the right time if you trust and breatheeee!


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