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Tantra Goddess

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How to Be a Tantric Goddess by Cyntha Gonzalez

*Eat with love*
Women, as a gender, have food issues. We often eat too much or too little. A Tantric Goddess loves herself and it shows in her relationship with food. She relishes the sensual art of preparing and enjoying her food – she savors its flavor, texture and temperature. She eats slowly and just the right amount. She is able to do this because she loves her feelings, rather than use food to run from them.

*Embraces Emotions*
We are sensitive creatures and we feel. And when we do, they take us to liberating, empowering breakthroughs. However, accusations of being hysterical or high maintenance have taught us to recoil, fear and shut down from the richness of our own emotional ride. Emotion = Energy in Motion and such a force needs to be ridden like a mighty stallion, a huge Hawaiian wave or braved like the depths of a vast, dark sea. Not squashed, avoided or shamed. How? With galloping horses, cresting waves or plummeting depths, we need the reassuring structure of a good saddle, strong surfboard or a reliable oxygen tank. And what emotional tools? A journal to write in. A car or an empty home – to sing or cry to full intensity. An open, private, safe space – to dance, cocoon in or whimper, scream or laugh.

*Comfortable in her Skin*
A Tantric Goddess savors her sensual body through movement and pampering. As she glides along, she enjoys each curve, each jut of her hips. She recognizes the boundless power of her life force energy and the beautiful chance of having a body to delight in. She enhances her feminine qualities, like her hair. She plays with make-up that brings out her best. She enjoys her favorite scent and lavishes her body with holistic potions and lotions. She dresses to please herself.

*Celebratory Style*
A Tantric Goddess delights in a style that suits her personality. She risks and is self-loving in how she adorns herself. She savors the smoothness, softness, sleekness or simplicity of fabrics. She plays with colour. She brings out her shine with dazzle or minimal jewellery. She experiments with the new.

*Sexual Freedom*
A Tantric Goddess embraces her sexual energy bubbling within or heals the dry marsh it has become. She gets to know herself well – what she likes and does not like. She becomes skilled in how to recirculate her sexual energies and sexual fluids into the upper, spiritual energy centers. She is wise to the role she has in taking her partner to a higher sexual/spiritual level.

*Intimate Relationship*
A Tantric Goddess risks intimacy and love. She opens her heart and allows her body and naked soul to being seen, pleasured and loved. She celebrates loving another and gives her devotional best to this deserving one. She doesn’t hold back when giving her love and is committed to a regular forgiveness practice so as to keep two hearts pumping, current and alive.

*Passion for Life*
A Tantric Goddess claims her passions and devotes time to them, making her a juicy, succulent siren. She may or may not make her living at any of them, but she gives her passions the priority they deserve because she lights up the world when she does!

*Loves her Body*
Breasts come in all sizes and shapes. A Tantric Goddess loves hers just as they are. She heals any messages that have so insensitively convinced her anything less than their beauty and worthiness. She gives value to the sensitivity they hold. She respects the nurturing bounty they are.

*Cherishes her Yoni*
A free-spirited Goddess is loved because she is a sensitive, powerful gateway. She holds the means to vast pleasure and sometimes a daunting history that begs to be felt and healed. A Tantric Goddess releases any taboos of shame and loves her yoni and gets to know it well. This includes pleasuring herself and listening to her intuition around men. She will heed her inner voice of “Ahhhh, he’s a good one” or “No way!”

*Loving Womb*
A Tantric Goddess bows to this basin of creativity and power. While still bleeding, she does not apologize for one of the most glorious feminine functions. And during menopause, she harnesses this energy for its wisdom and truth and shares it generously.

*Creative Mind*
She delights in and gives time to her creative endeavors – whether it is how she prepares a meal, grows her garden, paints a picture, photographs her cat or decorates her bedroom. She trusts the gestation of any creative endeavor and likewise knows when to birth it on the outer plane. She gathers and bounces off ideas with other creators.

*Spiritual Growth*
Surrender is the key. In her feminine splendor she is a Queen in surrendering and trusting to that which is greater and vaster than her. Her tantra mantra is to let her feminine energy flow freely. She always works on improving herself. Sometimes she consults a spiritual guide, who helps to encourage, challenge and midwife her through the labor of birthing those terrifying, overwhelming feelings.

*Marry yourself*
A commitment is made foremost to herself. A tantric princess makes vows to herself of loyalty and love and compassion follow. Only then, will she surpass any neediness or fleeing and be capable of real, unconditional love. Spending regular time alone keeps such a commitment credible and flowing.

*Fun and Laughter*
Frivolity, adventure, discovery, laugher and joy keep any Tantric Goddess supple, fluid and loving. Being playful keeps you young at heart.

A Tantric Goddess knows when to slow down and just be. She trusts and welcomes the silence, eager for its gifts of connection to herself and to Spirit. For instance, she might spend time doing Zen Meditation and perfecting mindfulness techniques.

*Exercise and Health*
A Tantric Goddess knows that a fit, healthy body allows her to love more vibrantly and fully. It clears toxins and stress, stills the mind and body and allows her to access the more refined, spiritual realities just waiting to be interacted with.

*Heal Co-dependency*
Co-dependency is giving up ‘me’ to loved by ‘you’. Like with food issues, co-dependency is a common affliction of our female gender. A Tantric Goddess lets go of people-pleasing and claims her gut-knowing truth, she respectfully, unwaveringly and lovingly expresses it – whether it be what she really wants to do for her birthday or how she loves to be made love to.

*Holistic Beauty*
A Tantric Goddess surrounds herself with natural, soul-nourishing beauty – whether that be her home, her accessories or being around nature to replenish herself. She has a deep connection with Mother Earth.

*Sensual Touch*
Sensual Touch stokes more intimacy through the giving and cultivates surrender through the enjoyment of being touched. When this is combined with the 
breath, an impactful experience of connection and bliss result.

*Sixth Sense*
A Tantric Goddess revels in the sweet knowing that expands past the limits of her body and opens to what she most senses. She is long past skepticism and doubt. She regularly allows herself to go into higher states of cosmic consciousness to access its jewels of guidance and wisdom.

*Goddess Circles*
A Tantric Goddess knows the wisdom of the Buddhist concept of Sangha or Spiritual Community. The Buddhists acknowledge that sangha is a necessity on the spiritual path, giving us the needed support to stay close to the Divine, through keeping the ego accountable and maintaining our spiritual practices.

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