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‘Sarah’s loving, non-judgmental, kind-hearted approach made me feel completely at ease during a time of difficult personal transition. Through guided meditations, nutritional advice and energy healing, Sarah helped me build up my self-esteem, giving me the strength to remove myself from a toxic situation. Sarah also shared mindful techniques on how to let go of my sub-conscious fears. After six sessions, I  felt my self worth had almost doubled. Today, I feel much stronger and  I still use what I learnt whenever I’m feeling anxious or unsure about a particular situation.’

Daniela Calderon, Graphic Designer


‘I found Sarah’s wonderful article about healing in a yoga magazine. This resonated with me and after a few weeks I contacted her. After talking to Sarah, I felt assured that this was one of the best decisions I’ve made. She is such a kind, caring, genuine person. I was going through years of anxiety, stress and emotional imbalance after a rocky long-term relationship ended. After our first online healing session I felt immense relief. I continued the breathing techniques and meditation every day, although this wasn’t without her support on the side. She was readily available whenever I needed her and that’s what pushed me through the lows. Sarah is the little positive voice in your head that believes in you and hopes the best for you. From sharing just a few weeks doing sessions with her, my anxiety levels have dropped down incredibly and I am now open to self love and I’m continuing to work on this today. I would highly recommend Sarah to anybody who is in need of believing in themselves and loving themselves. I can surely say Sarah is a true example of someone who radiates pure love.’

Zaheeda Abdallah, Data Analyst


‘I was considering meditation for a long time before I was introduced to Sarah by a common friend. I had an awareness that meditation was something I wanted to discover, but I had never been find a way to integrate it in my hectic lifestyle until Sarah created the perfect space and the steps. She designed a class schedule and a format to make it easy for me to experience focus and find stillness. From lesson one, it felt like a great, useful practice that I incorporated into my daily routine and I always looked forward to the next class. Sarah is compassionate, clever and friendly and created a wonderful environment for the classes. Learning to meditate with her was a pleasure and I would recommend her to anyone.’

Daniel Camara, IT Director


‘Oh wow! Sarah’s transmissions of pure love were perfect timing. I’ve been releasing lots since my last session with her and feel very clear that my focus is now on self-love. I’m very grateful I found Sarah. No idea how. Somehow Sarah’s yoga class showed up on my Facebook wall one day and on instinct I contacted her about it. The Divine heard my prayer to take my self-respect and power back in many ways and I feel Sarah was part of that. She helped me to realise the power of Kundalini energy and my own self worth. After many online sessions with Sarah, I feel so much lighter energetically and happier within myself.’

Rheba Estante, Psychologist & Family Therapist


‘I’ve done Reiki healing before but the healing experience I had with Sarah was remarkably empowering. It was almost a dance with your own energy, which is what makes it quite unique as there is a recognition of unleashing your own inner healer. Sarah has the ability to connect you to your energy and entice it to rise within your body, resulting in a palpable sensation, a magnetic, blissful state which is truly out of the ordinary. It was a complete lightness of being in every sense. I know it might be something which is hard to comprehend but what Sarah offers is no ordinary healing and her ability to interact with the client in the intuitive manner in which she does, is also testament to her empathy and her purity.’

Karen Sutherland, Real Estate Company Owner


‘Sarah is a rare find. During her session she showed deep compassion, good listening and an in-depth understanding and was able to reach out to my physical problem accurately and work energetically to make a difference. I saw Sarah as an elite practitioner who really gets to the root of a problem and eliminates the pain. I trust her. The art with which she put me at ease to commence the energy work was so beautiful and I could actually feel the high intensity energy working through her. My experience with her remains afresh every moment and I am truly grateful to her.’

Payal Mohan, Marketing Consultant


‘Sarah is showing me how to melt away past pain and enjoy life to the fullest and I am enthusiastically embracing it. The spiritual path is not an easy journey yet Sarah is able to motivate and greatly inspire. I realise there is no quick fix, however, the benefits of our sessions have already had a tremendously positive effect on my outlook, my relationships and my everyday life. An extra bonus is that my golf game has really improved too, thanks to learning how to master my breath.’

Peter Hastrop, Entrepreneur


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