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Bringing Wellbeing to the Workforce

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As a certified Zen Meditation & Mindfulness Coach, I’m passionate about guiding professionals so they feel more empowered, dynamic, energetic and happy. I’m committed to using realistic, effective formulas that truly transform professional life. After all, we spend a third of our lives working, so we might as well make it enjoyable.

Not surprisingly, studies are confirming that stress in the corporate world is a killer. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way! The great news is there are lots of stress-proof techniques that can boost our immune system and happiness levels. In turn, this naturally enhances performance, motivation and overall company success. There is a close correlation between wellbeing and great business!

Why work with me?

The practice of Zen promotes a calm, strong mind, which is an asset for elevated function in the workplace. When top athletes are competing with the best in the world, they are almost on a par with their competitors in physical terms. The winning edge is usually due to the power of the mind. I provide a variety of tools including meditation, breath work, yoga movement at the desk as well as in the office break, leaving you feeling energised and motivated.

I come with experience of working in a hectic, competitive publishing industry. As a result, I’m committed to offering a realistic, pragmatic approach to provide each individual with the best wellbeing tips. Everyday methods that can be implemented easily and have an incredibly positive impact.

I’ve worked with multinational companies such as the Kuwait Oil Company and smaller businesses and tailor-make each package to suit your company’s culture and goals.

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”Thank you Sarah for the well-being sessions you carried out at our offices. Having discussed the requirements for our staff, you tailored the sessions perfectly and it was great for all of us who spend many hours at our desks, looking at a computer screen!  The mindful exercises and stress-proof meditation tools were really useful and I have spotted some people already taking time out to practise them at their desk”   Fiona Garvey, Company Secretary, Lewis Investments


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